Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 239: Winning My Race Testimony #2

You are invited to the WInning My race Event, May 14th from 10am -1pm @ church project (www.churchproject.org)
$30 if you register early, $40 at the door.
Childcare= $5 per child will include snacks and food

Included event, Winning My Race book, food, and an amazing, life-changing experience.
DO you want to:
Find your BIg Why in life?
Lose 10 pounds fast
Have/ find the time, energy , and discipline to win your race?
Exercise and get in the shape of your life in under 12 minutes per day ..Or week?
Finds out the top toxic thing in your environment and easy ways to replace and avoid them
How to maximize the function of every single organ, cell, and tissue in your body?
How to avoid the top 3 killers in the US today by 98% without drugs or surgery?

register at 281-292-6300

God bless.
Dr. Zaino

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