Sunday, July 20, 2008

Twinkie and the Torch

Many of you who have attended my "EAT TO LIVE" seminar have heard my analogy that if you put an apple in the ground, you would get an apple tree for generations, but if you put a twinkie in the ground, 20 years later, well, you still have that same twinkie!!!

A fellow Maximized Living Chiropractor, Dr. Pompa, shows us the true damage of the fats and chemical compounds they put in Man Made food.

Bottom line, if God did not create it, DO NOT EAT IT! If it does not work with God's Design, it will work against it 100% of the time. Get adjusted(Remove Interference from the Nervous System) , Eat God's Food, Move to live, and experience the life you were created to live. That will always work 100% of the time.

God Bless.

Dr. Zaino


p.s. Send this to your friends, who are poisoning themselves and do not even know it !