Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bod For God DVD Set Holiday Sale

Bod For God DVD Set
Holiday Sale

Dr. Zaino goes over the essentials of how you were created to function, be healthy, and live 80-120 years of quality life, without living in fear of sickness, diseases , and crippling ailments. All this is accomplished with working with the body’s design, not against it. Find out how true health is not in a pill, potion, or drug. This is life changing and life-saving, a must for every person to hear

DVD 2: EAT TO LIVE part 1:
Dr. Zaino goes over the types of food you were designed to eat to thrive and be healthy, along with revealing the 19 foods in your diet and in your kitchen that are destroying the health of you and your family, and must be avoided!

DVD3: EAT TO LIVE part 2:
Dr. Zaino shows you exactly what to eat, when to eat it, and how. Eating for outrageous health and watching the fat melt off your body has never been easier. Find out the 5 ways to boost your metabolism without ever going to the gym, how to make your kids eat well, and a whole lot more. No matter if you are a child, a stay at home mom, or someone who travels 6 days a week, this will work perfectly for you.

CD bonus:
IN this Mixed disc, get the audio for the “Created to Live” and the notes for all 3 dvd’s including the food list that Dr. Zaino refers to.

Normally $50

Special until Dec. 25th :

$40 per set
$100 for 3 sets

10 or more, price drops to $25 per set.


OR E-MAIL for us to send them out to you.

This is a great holiday gift to send to all your family, so they armed with the tools they need to start off 2009 in the right direction for True health, Happiness, and the Abundant life they were created to have..

God bless.

p.s. if you want them signed for someone, just please have Dr. Zaino know.