Sunday, October 12, 2008

3rd Anniversary Abundant Life Chiropractic

If you were not there Sat. Oct 11th, YOU MISSED THE EVENT OF THE YEAR!

See a glimpse of the vision and mission of having a truly healthy community. Our patients are the healthiest around because they understand true health. This is only obtained through chiropractic care, removing interference from the nervous system, and maintaining that system for their whole life, allowing their bodies to function how God always intended. NO drugs, no surgery, no pills, no potions, just the power that made you, can sustain and heal you, just as long as nothing and no one is interfering with that.


I was so surprised by many guests at the celebration who came up to me and told me NO ONE has told them this vital information that will save their lives! IT makes sense, the principle absolutely works 100% of the time. Reach out to all of those around you, share this information to them, forward the e-mails and videos, let's share it with our churches, our work place, and let's create a truly healthy community.

God bless.

Dr. Zaino