Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Generation RX Movie Night November 15th @ 6pm

Abundant Life Chiropractic Presents our 1st Movie Night

Generation RX

Saturday ,November 15th @ 6pm

This film explores how children have been caught in the middle of an unprecedented change in Western culture: that of drugging children with psychiatric medications earlier — and more often than ever before. GENERATION RX has already garnered the support of some of the most respected names in Hollywood, including writer/director Paul Haggis, who won back-to-back Academy Awards for "Million Dollar Baby," and "Crash." GENERATION RX, Mr. Haggis said, "is a powerful and often chilling eye-opener. Weeks after viewing, the stories continue to haunt me."

15 Million Children are on Rx Drugs in the US Today!

Please invite all the parents you know who has a child in school or child who may be on or about to be on medications of any kind.

PLEASE! I beg you , every parent must see this video, and it is our duty as parents to educate other parents who are in the dark. Pass this information on to your PTA, PTO, School Board, MOPS, Home Group, Mother's day out, Youth groups, etc.

Only 40 seats available!!

RSVP at office or call 281-292-3-6300 or e-mail me at drczaino@aol.com