Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dinner With The Doc!

Did you know that on September 11th, 2001, 2974 people lost their lives in a tragic terrorist attack, that effected our entire country forever!

Did you know that 2809 people die Each And EVERY DAY Of Medical Malpractice and Prescription Drug Reaction Deaths?

My patients' know that, now it is time for your family, friends, co-workers, parents, schools,bus drivers, and every single person you know to learn the information that can save them from a miserable life becoming another statistic of a failing health care system.

Find out how we are going to transform our entire community and country through Maximized Living Principles to educate everyone we know on how to never have to worry about becoming a statistic, enabling them to pursue true health, happiness, and the abundant life you and they were created to live!

E-mail Dr. Zaino at: with names, numbers and/or e-mails so we can invite them to Dinner or Lunch with the Doc!