Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 120: Headaches and wanted to die

This patient's daughter has such sever migraines that she has lost her job work, and entire life. For over 4 years. Imagine being in constant pain, doctors give dugs after drug that still did not help. Imagine seeing your baby suffer like this. This patient has already lost her other daughter due to diabetes last December Now she is free, headaches are tapering down, and she is getting her life back, and the mom is so thankful .
Let me explain to you how we will lead this person to getting well, where other alternative and medical practices could never ever help no matter what drugs, test, procedure, etc. Any issues, problem, or disease of the body is a result of a disease process, aka, the body is not functioning correctly. Well, if the brain controls ALL function to the body, there must be something interfering with the message from the brain to the organs of the body. That is what we found, that no medical doctor would even look for. WE found the interference, adjusted the vertebra back to its' proper position to allow life to flow from above , down, inside and out so the body can heal and function as created. See we do not treat, cure, save, etc, we remove the interference, and the body heals, the body needs no help, nor educated mind that things a pill or potion will ever help, it just needs no interference. This video is perfect, living proof.
This principle is not a belief; it is a 100% fact, which applies to every single human being. This is not just for the "sick" this is for everyone. Everyone's responsibility is to maintain proper spine and nervous system health in order to truly have health and real function of the body
The goal is to spread the message and the mission to release people from the chains of sickness, disease, surgeries, and medications. To allow people to see that they were created and born from an amazing creator with the absolute most magnificent ability to heal , function, and be well, as long as you are working with the essentials and laws of the body and never against it. Skeptic or not, proof and hundreds of people changed don't lie. My mission and vision is this: Over the next year or more, each testimony will relate to someone you know or yourself personally. Please forward the video to someone you know to share with others they know all over the world. Then contact me, so I can find the write person to take care of the special person in your life, friend, family member, so they can get well, and start living according to the design of the body and not against it. Let's invest in each other. Invest in life and health, and not destruction and disease. This is your chance to help others. A revolution to pursue health, happiness, and the abundant life you were created to have. Help us make people aware that there are other options. God Bless Dr.Zaino
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