Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 78: Off Heart Transplant List = Maximzied Living

Roy was on a heart transplant list for over 6 years. IN the last 6 months under care in our office and applying the 5 essentials to his life, the best doctors in Texas, are stumped and can only say remarkable things. He has lost 54 pounds, the EKG technician thought he had a bypass because his arteries are clearing on their own, and he went from 17 medication, and now he is down to 4, and on his way to none. These results had absolutely nothing to do with the heart center and heart doctors.
Please help me out on this one. How many people with heart disease and how many people lost their loved ones lives to heat disease would want to know this information? Every SINGLE PERSON! The body has everything it needs to heal and be well, as long as it is interference free. There are laws that govern the body. People believe the lie of genetics, age, whatever, and it is just not the truth.
After a testimony like this, don't you think the medical doctor wants to know how Roy did it so he can help his 0atinets, and also help himself and family, as that doctor would also be or is on medications, and leading down the same road.
The goal is to spread the message and the mission to release people from the chains of sickness, disease, surgeries, and medications. To allow people to see that they were created and born from an amazing creator with the absolute most magnificent ability to heal , function, and be well, as long as you are working with the essentials and laws of the body and never against it. Skeptic or not, proof and hundreds of people changed don't lie. My mission and vision is this: Over the next year or more, each testimony will relate to someone you know or yourself personally. Please forward the video to someone you know to share with others they know all over the world. Then contact me, so I can find the write person to take care of the special person in your life, friend, family member, so they can get well, and start living according to the design of the body and not against it. Let's invest in each other. Invest in life and health, and not destruction and disease. This is your chance to help others. A revolution to pursue health, happiness, and the abundant life you were created to have. Help us make people aware that there are other options. God Bless Dr.Zaino

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