Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 59: MD said surgery was ONLY option = Maximized Living

Imagine suffering with sciatic pain for years, and 2 different "specialist" tell you that surgery is your only option. The medical tests, rehab, drugs, bills, and diagnosis has absolutely nothing on what we do at our office and the 5 essential on finding the cause of your problem and getting you truly well.

Contact me ASAP, and I will find a doctor in your area to get you or those people help. Remember we use no drugs, no surgery, not even any vitamins, just getting you back to the basics by EDUCATING you on how the body was created to heal, function, and operate in order to truly be well.

WE work with the 5 essential of life. Every single person should be under care with a Maximized Living doctor because we give you the tools to live a normal life, and to not have to suffer with the debilitating problems others are suffering with. . I don't want to see you have health issues for you or your family in the first place.

God Bless Dr.Zaino

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