Sunday, July 13, 2008


Find out the common myth that Cholesterol is BAD for you. It's not! It is the Inflammation ! Some say it is age or genetics...It's not! Find out how to beat heart disease, increase hormones, and live the quality of life you were created to live Knowledge is power! Hosea 4:6-My people die of lack of knowledge. Send this blog to all you care about , and who will find it useful God Bless. Dr. Zaino 281-292-6300


Cindy Brasher said...

Wow!!! Who Knew... Im sooo Thankful to have found Dr.Z. Im 1 month into my new way of eating to lower a 262 reading. I will be back in two more months to report a much lower reading. Im sure of it. I feel so good these days. I will never go back to eating all those BAD carbs. and sugar.

O Primitivo said...

I just found this talk today on Google Videos. I'm very impressed, truly good information here. Thanks Dr. Zaino.